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Applications: Industrial Usage

Brief Introduction

· High kV value,enough dose 200kV high-volt,rated 500W output power,Combines strong penetration and large dose, and has a wider range of applications
· Big beam port 90°*20° fan beam,covers wide range.
· Great thermal dissipation Internal oil pump,Internal oil circulation heat dissipation, greatly improve thermal dissipation rate.

· Easy installation Pre-installed detachable handle; support upper panel installation and lower base installation, flexible and convenient installation.

· combined with strong penetration and Large dose, wider range of applications.
· Large angle 90°*20° sector angle, wide coverage.
· Unique dual-cycle heat dissipation design to improve heat dissipation efficiency.
· Compatible with a variety of installation methods, adapt to different scenarios, flexible and convenient installation.

  • DSP Control

  • Small Cubic Size

  • More Safety

  • Long Lifespan 

Data Sheet

Item Description
Input Line Voltage
100~240Vac, 50/60Hz
Output kV Range
Output Voltage Accuracy
The voltage error on the x-ray tube does not exceed 1.5% of the set value.
Output kV Ripple
Low frequency ripple(<1kHz) is less than 0.5% of rated output voltage (Pk-Pk)
lnput Voltage Regulation
Load Regulation
≤0.1%, rated output current (when the output voltage changes from 80kV to 200kV)
KV Regulation Accuracy
Output mA
0.3~2.5mA(rated power 500W)
Protection Circuit
Over-current protection, Over-voltage protection, Over-temperature protection,
Over-power protection, Communication fault protection
0.8mm (IEC-60336)
Designed to meet CE and UL
Operating Mode
Continuous or Intermittent
Warm Up
Configurable automatic warm up or manual warm up (default manual warm up)
Operating Temperature
Storage Temperature Range
<95%, non-condensing
Dimensions (W*D*H)
Weight KG
Radiation Filter
1mm (beryllium) 1.5~2mm (Glass) 8mm (Oil) (Same ltems Result) 2mm (Plastic)
Beam Port
Fan Beam 20°*90°, Cone Beam Optional
External forced air cooling, water cooling optional


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