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Recently, Shenzhen Megmeet Electric Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Magmeet Electric") has obtained the WTDP testing laboratory qualification (Witness Test Data Program, WTDP) and CTF testing laboratory qualification (Customer Testing Facility, CTF) granted by UL in the United States. ). The acquisition of WTDP and CTF testing laboratory qualifications has played an important role in promoting Mami Electric to develop overseas markets and accelerate global market layout.

Since its establishment in 2003, Megmeet Electric has always maintained high-intensity R&D investment and continuously improved the quality management level of the laboratory. At present, it has the hardware facilities of a national laboratory and world-class testing equipment. The management of the laboratory is extremely standardized, and the hardware equipment, personnel level and testing ability fully meet the requirements of the certification standards, and have been highly praised by the expert group of UL.

After obtaining the WTDP and CTF test laboratory qualifications, Megmeet Electric can use its own laboratory equipment to carry out all tests of related products under the on-site witness of UL engineering and technical experts, which will greatly save the time for enterprise sample delivery and test waiting. Effectively shorten the product testing cycle, realize the high-speed connection between product development and international certification, and lay a solid foundation for accelerating global product marketing and overseas market layout.

As of now, Megmeet Electric has obtained multiple accreditation qualifications such as TUV and UL in terms of product safety testing. Behind the continuous wins of recognition from international authoritative organizations is the embodiment of Megmeet Electric’s high emphasis on product quality and safety, and it is also the result of strong testing capabilities. manifest. In the future, Megmeet Electric will further strengthen cooperation with international authoritative certification bodies in product safety testing, so that the quality and safety of products will be more widely recognized around the world, and strive to become a world-class product in the field of electrical control and energy saving and program providers.

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